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WATCH: Coronavirus Facts vs Fiction — Interview with Dr Sharara on COVID-19 & children

WATCH: Coronavirus Facts vs Fiction — Interview with Dr Sharara on COVID-19 & children

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pediatrician at the AUB medical center, Dr. Rana Sharara, answers all your questions when it comes to #COVID-19 and children. Interviewed by producer and host of Y Chats, Youmna Naufal.

Lebanese turn to distance learning amid coronavirus disruptions

Reading Time: 6 minutes We are in the midst of a global pandemic. The novel coronavirus that has swept across the globe is having far reaching ramifications for our health systems and for the global economy. For Lebanese students, though among the demographic least likely to suffer severe health consequences from contracting COVID-19, the impact has been immediate and

How corona could fulfill a long-held economic worry

Reading Time: 13 minutes At the time of writing (March 12) the number of known coronavirus infections had exceeded 126,000 and that the death toll was above 4,600 persons. Governments around the world have dedicated increasing medical, social, humanitarian, and financial resources toward bringing the threatening virus under control. At the same time, worries over the economic impact of

A look into Lebanon’s healthcare

Reading Time: 9 minutes Health encapsulates economic activity that amounts to trillions of dollars by the—in this context crude—methodology of collating production of goods and services as gross domestic product (GDP). The Global Health Observatory of the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the world’s expenditure on health at $7.2 trillion (2015 estimate), or 10 percent of the world’s GDP.

Addressing medical errors in the Lebanese healthcare system

Reading Time: 5 minutes Worldwide, medical incidents occur in 10 percent of hospitals, and 50 percent of those incidents that result in patients’ deaths are due to preventable medical errors, according to data from the World Health Organization. In Lebanon, more than one thousand complaints related to medical malpractice were filed to the Order of Physicians between 1996 and