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How corona could fulfill a long-held economic worry

How corona could fulfill a long-held economic worry

Reading Time: 13 minutes At the time of writing (March 12) the number of known coronavirus infections had exceeded 126,000 and that the death toll was above 4,600 persons. Governments around the world have dedicated increasing medical, social, humanitarian, and financial resources toward bringing the threatening virus under control. At the same time, worries over the economic impact of

Crowdsourcing solutions to Lebanon’s crisis

Reading Time: 3 minutes To overcome the current crisis, the new Lebanese government will need to develop innovative policies—quickly. Currently, authorities are following a conventional model by seeking ideas from a bureaucracy of civil servants and consulting agencies. Perhaps a more effective way for the government to find solutions is to engage citizens directly via a digital crowdsourcing campaign.

Lebanon must kickstart its economy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lebanon is concurrently being hit with multiple crises, generating the perfect economic and financial storm. Net foreign reserves are at an all time low and hard decisions will have to be taken regarding the restructuring of the sovereign debt in all its forms. As the financial and monetary discussion is taking center stage it is

Lebanon must move toward universal social protection

Reading Time: 6 minutes Decades of social and economic injustice were a driving factor in the social unrest that burst onto Lebanon’s streets in mid-October 2019, unfolding into a revolution. Lebanese had been pushed to breaking point by the effects of a longstanding economic malaise that has since worsened into a ongoing financial crisis with job losses, lowering of

The case for Lebanon restructuring its debt

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lebanon’s economic vulnerabilities are on full display. Investors and other stakeholders have lost confidence in the Lebanese financial system, triggering an existential economic crisis. In short, Lebanon’s future is jeopardized by three intertwined crises of sustainability with regard to the public debt, the current account deficit, and the financial sector. As such, resolving Lebanon’s crisis