Take initiatives to fix the state

Making sense of how politics impacts legislative output

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Executive has collected different initiatives recommended to enhance state output and economic performance, with the primary sources being the Lebanese government, multilateral development institutions, and the McKinsey economic vision. The corresponding table reflects the state of the initiatives roughly one year after Lebanon presented its Capital Investment Plan at CEDRE in April 2018. Some progress has already been made to address some of the initiatives, namely those related to improving the business environment, shoring up public revenue through new taxes or tax increases, and by passing legislation concerning protection of groundwater resources, transparency in the oil and gas sector, and a new legal framework for solid waste management. However, the initiatives presented, whether related to legislation, regulation, digitization, capacity building, or other efficiency enhancements, may not capture all the measures out there, nor be categorized in a perfect way—Executive cannot claim that this is a comprehensive list. The initiatives that Lebanon has addressed should also be considered starting points: As with all initiatives, their adoption is just the beginning and sometimes they require implementation through additional measures or legislation, so those that have already been addressed should not be considered complete, but rather at the beginning of the process of improvement.

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Jeremy Arbid

Jeremy is Executive's former economics and policy editor.