To you, our enemy

Illustration by Ivan Debs

The massive destruction caused by criminal negligence on behalf of our politicians is impossible to assess. Innocent lives were lost. Property, seaport, livelihoods, schools, hospitals, homes, jobs, businesses, trade, dreams, and aspirations were totally destroyed. The impact of this deadly criminal act will reverberate for years to come. 

Beyond razing the wonderful cultural heritage from the Ottoman and the French era around the city’s port—the city’s lungs—the carcass of the silo reminds us of the lost aspiration we had in 1968 to turn our country into a regional hub of grain trade. Decades of your greed is making us beg for bread instead.

The streets were transformed to resemble the ugliness that you represent. After the Civil War you collectively sabotaged every effort to build this nation, to bring back its glory, and to achieve its potential. 

This Beirut looks like you. What you weren’t able to destroy during the Civil War, and what had been rebuilt since, you demolished with your incompetence and ignorance.  

People’s anger over corruption, mismanagement, and incompetence overthrew your corrupt and unfit government back in October and your assassination of Beirut overthrew your government now. 

This is the turning point for this country. It has to be, or all hope is lost. No more posturing or pretending or lying and manipulating, we don’t believe any of you, nor your idiotic rhetoric or deceiving doctrines. Disregard to human dignity is a crime and you will be held accountable. 

We did not grant you amnesty after the Civil War. You acquitted each other to get busy robbing the people, turning our rich nation into a bankrupt state. You sold our sovereignty, security, and peace for cheap to satisfy the greed of your patrons. You are traitors to this country.

You deserve to be tried like the criminals you are in international courts for the whole world to see, before the children, mothers, fathers, the people in mourning can begin to reconcile their hearts. 

We know the truth. You are the traitors.

Justice shall and will be served.  

Lebanon will prevail.