It’s time to #executechange

Executive has created a draft Economic Roadmap with 160 measures that need to be addressed to get our country back on track.


-Draft 5.0-

The fifth iteration of Executive’s Economic Roadmap is the culmination of almost five years of work, attempting to provide Lebanon, and its nation builders, with a blueprint on which to birth a stronger and more prosperous economy.

This roadmap combines nearly 182 expert opinions who contributed, consulted, and allowed us to deliver over 360 policy priorities that can save Lebanon. In parallel, the Economic Roadmap 5.0 also includes the introduction of our new “Enable” pillar, which adds seven industry-specific agency priorities to our setlist of measures that we propose to aspiring change leaders and decision makers.

Thus, we ask of you to read it, analyze it, discuss it, and even improve it in your quest to create a new economy mirroring the innovations of its people.

-Draft 4.0-

The Economic Roadmap 4.0 October 7, 2021 complements the emerging political will, doctrine, and resolve, which centers Lebanon’s well-being.

At Executive, we have recommitted to our purpose and promise. We are more conscious than ever of the toxic complexities that riddle our political security and military realities. The euphoria of the promise of a different tomorrow has eased and realism has matured. Today’s discourse promises agreement and negotiation, both necessary for an elevated reflection over possible alternatives.

We invited diverse, great minds to examine in-depth topics like corruption, poverty, labor, entrepreneurship and healthcare, and elevated and updated corresponding policies and measures. The outcome is collective and collaborative; and when the time comes, we hope that this rigorously researched, in-depth Roadmap will serve as an action plan for Lebanon’s deliverance.

-Draft 3.0-

This document—Economic Roadmap 3.0 December 20, 2019—is the most definitive Roadmap yet in Executive Magazine’s ongoing quest for providing a working platform for advancing the Lebanese economy. Building on a first version published in the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Executive, and a second version published with an additional 261 measures and three entirely new national priorities in February 2019, Executive presents this third iteration at the end of 2019 in the hope that its reflection of fourth-quarter developments will accelerate the discussions seen in Lebanon after October 17 and elevate the economic discussion to one that can generate a new and healthy productive economy. As was the pattern from the beginning, we took a participatory approach in deliberations of Economic Roadmap 3.0—this time by inviting both online recommendations and querying around 50 diverse and qualified individuals in a series of six roundtables conducted in November 2019 (See intro to roundtables). The stakeholders at these tables ranged from representatives of civil society and persons with personal commitment to Lebanon’s civil thawra (revolution), to economists, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and academics.

-Draft 2.0-

Building on the first draft of the Economic Roadmap published in the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Executive, this second draft February 20, 2019 includes an additional 261 measures and three entirely new national priorities that address judicial reform, labor, and how best to preserve national heritage. Over the last seven weeks, we have met with 60 individuals and civil society actors from all over Lebanon and sought their feedback on the roadmap and gathered their contributions for this revised draft. Contributors added their own ideas to these measures, making them stronger, but little disagreement existed on the main challenges in these national priorities.
One of the biggest matters of debate is privatization, which is understandable given the broad spectrum of economic thought. Countries around the world have adopted systems best-suited to them, whether that includes a heavily privatized economy, or not.
Ultimately, Lebanon has to decide what kind of system it wants to implement and move forward collectively. While the country is debating and deciding what kind of system it wants, Executive will be here to help facilitate the debate.

-Draft 1.0-

The Lebanese economy is on the verge of a meltdown. In an effort to trigger change, Executive has drafted an Economic Roadmap December 19, 2018that will allow nation builders and stakeholders to contribute their ideas and expectations. By joining our movement to #executechange, you become an owner of the roadmap and will be part of the campaign to get our country back on track.
Follow this link to share your feedback, improvements, and suggestions to the roadmap with your suggested policy targets, main challenges, and measures to be taken to ensure a better future.