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A dynamic heart

A dynamic heart

Reading Time: 7 minutes Executive sat down with Mounir Douaidy, board member and general manager of Solidere, to discuss progress in the company’s master plan for Beirut Central District (BCD), and how the planned developments could contribute to the revitalization of BCD as a tourist destination that encompasses the essential pillars of hospitality, retail, and cultural activities. E  

A grand hotel plots a new course

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Phoenicia Hotel is one of Lebanon’s most renowned five star hotels. Built in 1961, it catered to the era’s most glamorous crowd, with Omar Sharif and Brigitte Bardot among its famous guests. After being destroyed during Lebanon’s civil war, it reopened in March of the year 2000,  and has managed to survive the various

Putting meat on the skeleton of the state

Reading Time: 6 minutes Walking through the center of Beirut, Nejmeh Square, to the steps leading up to the Lebanese Ministry of Finance (MoF) is even more eerie today than it was 19 years ago. Back then, Downtown was still riddled with brokenness – with scarred streets and uninhabitable buildings that showed the results of the years of conflict.

A full load of plans to spur on the economy

Reading Time: 11 minutes If there is unanimity concerning Lebanon, it is that the new government signifies a chance to put the country on a new track that will create prosperity and inclusive growth for Lebanese society. At the same time, it is widely agreed that the regional and domestic challenges are significant. Not least among these challenges is

Kings of the cluster

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rabih Saba and Marwan Ayoub, the co-founders of Venture Group, certainly have a lot to be proud of. Through leveraging their years of experience in hospitality consultation, the duo developed their first hospitality cluster on Uruguay Street in 2011. Fast forward to 2016 and they have developed two more clusters in Lebanon: The Village Dbayeh