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Venture Group talks expansion of their hospitality cluster model in Lebanon and beyond

Venture Group talks expansion of their hospitality cluster model in Lebanon and beyond

Reading Time: 8 minutes Marwan Ayoub and Rabih Saba—and their hospitality company Venture Group, specialized in developing and operating purpose-built restaurant clusters—have covered a lot of ground in the past seven years. Today, their team is playing in the premier league of regional hospitality. Geographically and financially, Venture Group’s cluster business started small. In 2011, Ayoub and Saba began

Lebanon’s seasoned F&B operators talk challenges and secrets to success

Reading Time: 6 minutes When it comes to the food and beverage (F&B) industry, Lebanon is a country of contradictions. Although no exact figures are available, those in the industry largely believe that almost the same number of restuarants that closed have also opened. In certain areas, such as the summer hotspot Broummana or in Gemmayze with its restaurants,

Give Lebanon’s tourism industry a chance

Reading Time: 3 minutes After five years, my assignment has come to an end, and here I am reflecting on the country I fell deeply in love with. I was blessed to be entrusted with a luxury hotel opening under very difficult and challenging circumstances, and I have enjoyed my time at the helm of the InterContinental Phoenicia, La

Lebanon’s five star hotels diversifying markets and offerings

Reading Time: 9 minutes Lebanon has not given its five star hoteliers many reasons to smile over the past seven years. Political tension and instability has kept away the country’s traditional market feeders, GCC nationals, since 2011. Meanwhile, regional political and socioeconomic crises have taken their toll on Lebanese expats in the Gulf and in parts of Africa, generally

ABC talks coping mechanisms in a difficult retail environment

Reading Time: 6 minutes ABC Verdun has been in operation for a year now. Although it was a year marked by the continually challenging economic situation in Lebanon, Frank Kuntermann, chief executive officer of ABC Group, feels there are several milestones to celebrate, all things considered. In this interview, Kuntermann discusses ABC Verdun’s performance since its opening in late

7 Management’s journey to success

Reading Time: 7 minutes The road to success is not easy. It is even harder when working in the nightlife industry in a country like Lebanon, where the bad years of political instability—which typically lead to economic downturn and low purchasing power—far outweigh the good years of thriving tourism. But this is exactly the road that Rabih Fakhreddine chose,

A dynamic heart

Reading Time: 7 minutes Executive sat down with Mounir Douaidy, board member and general manager of Solidere, to discuss progress in the company’s master plan for Beirut Central District (BCD), and how the planned developments could contribute to the revitalization of BCD as a tourist destination that encompasses the essential pillars of hospitality, retail, and cultural activities. E  

A Beirut spring

Reading Time: 7 minutes The telltale signs that herald spring in Lebanon are already in full swing: the longer days, the blossoming streetside flowers and trees, and the mounds of janarek (sour plums), freize (strawberries), and akidinya (loquats) at roadside fruit stalls have all made their early appearance this year. This is in addition to the most indicative—and sad—sign

Cheers for the beers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Compared to the ancient history of beer in the Middle East, Lebanon’s small craft breweries are extremely new on the scene. The earliest evidence of beer brewing was found in Mesopotamia some 6,000 years ago, while the world’s oldest brewery, which was located in Egypt, dates to around 3400 BC. Beer eventually made it to