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Your dream of the stadium, Fly-Foot assists you there

Your dream of the stadium, Fly-Foot assists you there

It was over their mutual love of football that Rayan Ismail, Georges Batrouni and Firas Arab hatched their plan to create Fly-Foot, the first football game travel company in the region. Football (or soccer) is the world’s most popular sport with an estimated fan-following of 3.5 billion people. The 2014 FIFA World Cup held in

Hotels bridge troubled financial waters

From the fifteen year long Civil War which began in 1975, to the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005, to the sit-ins in downtown Beirut in 2007 and numerous other disruptions, it seems that Lebanon is always either in crisis or recovering from one. This roller coaster of stability has had a negative

What’s in a nationality?

Walk into most restaurants serving sushi in Lebanon and you will almost certainly not see a local rolling up your makis. Though the majority of sushi chefs in Lebanon hail from the Philippines, Vietnam or Thailand, there are two or three restaurants that boast Japanese chefs preparing your Japanese meal. Restaurant owners Executive spoke to

Sushi nation

Back in 2003, T-shirts with the slogan: “Sushi: Traditional Lebanese Dish” were spotted being worn by young fashionistas across Beirut, illustrating the glowing success of this staple Japanese dish in Lebanon. Thirteen years later and the Lebanese passion for sushi does not seem to be ebbing away. On the contrary, the estimated number of restaurants

Advertising alcohol: the business of selling responsibly

Just like all commodities, alcohol revenues are significantly impacted by successful branding and marketing campaigns. When well-crafted advertisements are relatable to consumers, these promotions ultimately influence their perceptions and increase the product’s popular appeal.    Marketing budgets Alcohol distributors Executive spoke to say that Lebanon, in comparison to other countries in the region, is an

Toasting a good year

Despite some difficulties attributed to the region’s unstable geopolitical situation in 2015, the major Lebanese global spirits distributors nonetheless had cause to celebrate a generally successful year. Last year saw increased consumption of some key alcohol categories among Lebanese as well as some changing trends in drinking habits which worked in the interests of these

Adaptation skills

Over the past few years, it has become common to hear many Lebanese retailers share their woes on dwindling sales as customers bypass the city’s luxury brand stores in a rush to the best sales or promotions. While these retailers are not complaining without reason, it seems they have done well in adapting to the

Regional expansion

The Hilton Group has been busy, particularly in the Middle East, which according to Rudi Jagersbacher, area president for Hilton Worldwide, Middle East and Africa, is the “fastest growing region” for the corporation. He explains how, thanks to this formidable growth, there will be a new Hilton property opening in the region every month for

Waiting for (President) Godot

Executive met with Pierre Ashkar, head of the Hotel Owners Association in Lebanon, to discuss the hotels’ performance this year as well as the main issues and concerns affecting hotel owners. E   According to tourist numbers and hotel occupancy rates, it appears that the year 2015 started off well for hotels in Lebanon, correct?