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7 Management’s journey to success

7 Management’s journey to success

Reading Time: 7 minutes The road to success is not easy. It is even harder when working in the nightlife industry in a country like Lebanon, where the bad years of political instability—which typically lead to economic downturn and low purchasing power—far outweigh the good years of thriving tourism. But this is exactly the road that Rabih Fakhreddine chose,

A fund manager’s dream

Reading Time: 7 minutes The MIC in MIC Ventures is not short for Mission Impossible, Cruise. But it could be. Khaled Zeidan, the managing director of MIC Ventures, could easily have a second career modeling cool shades, and the chosen mission of MIC Ventures, should it succeed, will bring life to a sector whose true potential in Lebanon has

Hard and getting harder

Reading Time: 6 minutes Life for Syrian refugees in Lebanon is a daily struggle for survival. Their situation in 2017 has deteriorated, in terms of receiving enough aid or finding work to meet basic needs—and because humanitarian aid continues to decline as financial need rises, next year will not be better. Many Lebanese nationals have also seen their socioeconomic

Expanding understanding of human rights in Lebanon

Reading Time: 3 minutes “It’s like there’s fog across the whole town,” said Othman, a resident of Kfar Zabad in the Bekaa Valley. “We’re coughing all the time, unable to breathe, sometimes we wake up and see ash in our spit.” Othman was describing the effects of the open burning of garbage, which takes place regularly near his home.

Another year of elusive equality

Reading Time: 2 minutes Despite a constitutional guarantee of “equality of rights and duties among all citizens without discrimination,” Lebanese laws treat men and women differently. The most famous imbalance is a 1925 law decreeing that only children born in Lebanon to Lebanese men are entitled to Lebanese nationality. Activist campaigns to amend the law have been unsuccessful and

The rock and the magic beanstalk

Reading Time: 9 minutes Human rights are the rock from which modern civilization mines its values, its social contracts, and its entire portfolio of identities. Human rights are the very justification for our system of social coexistence and stratification. They are key to understanding humanity’s (mostly unsuccessful) attempts of balancing the logic of solidarity against the logic of economic