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Four reasons Lebanon’s internet is so slow

Four reasons Lebanon’s internet is so slow

Reading Time: 7 minutes Though Lebanon has a high international capacity coming in through underwater fiber optic cables — to the likes of several hundreds of megabits per second (Mbit/s) — internet speeds at the actual level of the user are overwhelmingly low. In Beirut, they average about 3.2 Mbit/s according to the Ookla Net Index for household downloads,

Master muddler

Reading Time: 6 minutes Abdel Moneim Youssef is not your average public servant. If there is one compelling impression from meeting him in person, it is that there is much more to him than meets the eye. In this sense, his office at the Ministry of Telecommunications is revealingly unrevealing: large but functional, not overtly more guarded than the

Big fish, small pond

Reading Time: 8 minutes Sitting in a room where two rotating cylinder lenses track you and project a blown-up high definition image of you to your colleague sitting in Jordan, and vice versa, may be disconcerting for any number of reasons, but for Hani Raad, general manager for the Levant region at networking giant Cisco, it is a time

Playing to your strengths

Reading Time: 10 minutes When you’re barreling back down towards Beirut on the Nahr al-Mot highway, staying in the right hand lane means a workout for your car’s shocks as you hit sewer cover after sewer cover. Smoothing out the ride means either driving in the left hand lane as faster motorists drive on your back bumper or zoom