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How secured is the Lebanese insurance sector?

How secured is the Lebanese insurance sector?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The insurance penetration rate in Lebanon for 2014 was $557 premium per capita or 3.3 percent of GDP and very low for personal lines. Hence, there is much room for growth. However, if the insurance sector continues to grow without enforcing the appropriate solvency adequacy and corporate governance reform, the possibilities of default would certainly

Insuring growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes E   Can you confirm data suggesting that AROPE Insurance maintains a leading role in underwriting comprehensive motor insurance, meaning insurance that covers the risks of owning and operating a car? Yes, and we are the most profitable company among composite insurers which provide both life and non-life insurance, as per the 2014 Annual Report

Anatomy of an insurance sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Lebanese insurance industry is enigmatic in the sense that numerous companies – 50 – share $1.5 billion in gross premiums but that not one of the companies is listed. For a considerable time – at least in the era of the current insurance law which was updated almost 20 years ago – the country’s