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June 2016

by Executive Editors


In need of a new national economic strategy


An ode to strength
The banks versus Lebanon’s instability

Get your house in order
Lebanese film industry growth dependent on money and new initiatives


Lebanon’s cinema: the best ambassador
Potential for Lebanese film industry is high

No stone unturned
Lebanese film industry struggles to find financing 

Yes we Cannes
Lebanese participation in Cannes holds great promise for Lebanon’s film industry

Streaming hits big in the Middle East
Companies and users alike have their eyes on video on demand


Back to banking for the future
The economic need to answer impossible questions and define improbable options

Dissecting the numbers
Analysis of banking sector results

Q&A: Updates on Lebanon’s banking sector
Twenty-two minutes with central bank Governor Riad Salameh

Q&A: In conversation with Freddie Baz of Bank Audi
Bank Audi is balancing consolidation and growth

Compelled to comply
Lebanese banks begin to implement US law

Q&A: Lebanese banks comply with US Hezbollah Act
Getting the facts straight from Chahdan Jebeyli

Investment decisions

A law for building wealth
Private equity funds legislation is drafted in Lebanon


Hotels bridge troubled financial waters
Owners weathering the longest slump yet

Your dream of the stadium, Fly-Foot assists you there
The story of a one-of-a-kind Lebanese startup’s success in the Middle East


All that trash
Lebanon’s waste management crisis is far from over