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La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison

Food and finance may have little in common, but place a meal in the middle of a business deal and the well-fed may be more inclined to converse and compromise. Downtown Beirut is fast becoming a foodie destination for high-end restaurants, catering to the adjacent financial district as well as shop-goers and residents of the

UBay: zen indeed

Is Jap worth the drive? If you’re already in Jounieh (or further north), the question is irrelevant. But if you’re an overindulged Beiruti with a plethora of sushi joints at your doorstep you might not be too keen on venturing through a traffic trap of a highway to indulge in some Japanese cuisine. Or would

For the love of food

Jai is an Asian kitchen in Beirut. An entire continent on one menu? Founder Chef Wael Lazkani doesn’t see it that way. “I always find it weird. Why do we have to define restaurants nationally? Considering my background – half Lebanese, half Egyptian, lived all over the world – the rules have been broken, so

Inside les caves de taillevent

I’m having one of those rare moments, I’m sipping a Lambrusco with an oenophile. I say this because these Italian sparkling reds can be quite rare to find (many people aren’t even aware they exist) and, they seem to have fallen out of fashion 20 years ago. These are precisely the reasons why I love

Getting to know Liza

It might seem ironic that when a new Lebanese restaurant, Liza, opened in Beirut, I first heard about it not from local friends or colleagues, but rather, a Berlin based artist (who coincidentally, is married to a Lebanese), when she raved about the design of the place. Set on the top floor of a refurbished,