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MARCH 2014




Facing poverty head on
Lebanon’s government must use crisis as opportunity for the country’s poor

Entrepreneurship: Beware a bubble
Venture capital funds must boost the Lebanese entrepreneurship system

Public parks, private payment
How private money could give Beirut some more public spaces


10 Ways to Save Lebanon
Our economic manifesto to put the country back on track


Strengthen the Lebanese Armed Forces
Lebanon’s most popular institution needs more support

A unified strategy for the refugee crisis
Lebanon’s new ministers need to work together for the Syrians

Lebanon needs a new census
But in the meantime, the new government must improve statistics

Rewrite Lebanon’s unfair tax laws
Make the rich pay more to benefit all

Hand power to regulatory authorities
Better regulation will lead to better governance

Public private partnerships can boost Lebanon
President Sleiman is right that the private sector is the best way forward

Plan an oil and gas sovereign wealth fund
Thinking ahead is crucial for sustainable development

Revive Lebanon’s job market
Time for a national labor policy

Repair our pensions
Working for a brighter retirement

Time for a new national pact
Moving beyond March 8 and March 14


In photos: The forgotten poor
Neglected by the state, the destitute in Lebanon face desperate futures


Retail banking gains ground
Consumers find a wealth of options for financing their dreams


Embracing a more eco-friendly Lebanon
The country needs to catch up with the wider region's shift to sustainability

Park life – finding Beirut’s hidden green spaces
The choices for Lebanese wanting to relax in a little green remain minimal

"Build for all. Don't disable my ability"
Making Lebanon accessible benefits everyone


Rana Salam – Lebanon’s mistress of Pop Art
Meet the woman rewriting the rules of Middle Eastern design

Let the investment games begin
Startups have the upper hand as too much money chases too few deals

Looking out for inspiration
Lebanon needs a global vision to support entrepreneurship

Beesline: The new buzz around town
Meet Lebanon’s first family business to join the Endeavor network

A boom in regional startups‘The startup cycle is finally taking off’
Omar Christidis – founder of ArabNet – on Lebanon’s entrepreneurship growth



What a gas!
Total Liban aims for full-service and beyond

Reaching for the stars
A conversation with Nada Abi Saleh , Leo Burnett Beirut's new managing director


Keeping up with the times
Mar Mkhayel's drawing power is still going strong

Stripped bare by technology
The latest in a series of bizarre creations



35 years on: Marking the Iranian Revolution
Hassan Rouhani seeks to build on successes of Islamic Republic