March 2019

Illustration by Ivan Debs


Dismantling privilege


Time for a change

Women cannot be expected to do it all without proper support


Caught between home and the office

Challenges and the way forward for Lebanese working moms

All in a day’s work

Profiles of Lebanese women who juggle a career and childcare

Redefining roles

Refugee women take on new roles in their families

The greatest adventure

Balancing motherhood and a career

Childcare is not just a practical problem

How Lebanese mothers can transition back to work


Dipping into digital waters

Convergences of awareness on several of Lebanon’s overdue cyber priorities
Take initiatives to fix the state
Making sense of how politics impacts legislative output

Long overdue reforms

What can the Lebanese government achieve in less than two years?

An urgent need for reform

Lebanese fiscal outcomes in 2018

Bel Lebnééné calls for Lebanese Arabic to be standardized

It’s all Lubnani to me

Interview with Adel Afiouni

An administrative startup venture

A new legal class on digital

Interview with MP Nadim Gemayel on digital development and Law 81


Investing in cybersecurity companies

The inexorable march of digitization

Lebanon’s alternative payment solutions

Toward a cashless society

Interview with Credit Libanais Deputy General Manager Randa Bdeir

Banking agility in the era of millenials

Creating a price-stable cryptocurrency

Digitizing gold


Factors keeping Lebanese youth unemployed

Bridging the gap