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November 2017

by Executive Editors


Enough empty promises


A crucial moment for startups

Early blunders could derail positive developments in the tech scene

Return to sanity now

A call for fiscal accountability


Getting the books back in order

Can Lebanon account for 12 years of unaudited spending?

Ball in their court

Can Lebanon account for 12 years of unaudited spending?

A multilateral tale

Investigating the Lebanese budgeting process

A full load of plans to spur on the economy

Interview with Minister of Economy and Trade

The administration’s missing cogs

Worrisome vacancies in senior position

Putting meat on the skeleton of the state

Prospects are high for adoption of a budget

Interview with a public servant

Alain Bifani talks about life in the civil service

Shedding light on a black market

One step forward, two steps back in curbing illegal phone imports

Yossi Alpher, No End of Conflict

Rethinking Israel-Palestine relations


Still starting up

What does Lebanon’s tech scene really look like?

Innovation economy needs investment

Ecosystem deserves more state funding of R&D

Don’t miss out on innovation

Syrian entrepreneurs can help Lebanon in the technology sector


Raise a glass to something new

The stories behind Lebanon’s latest vineyards

The thyme trailblazers

Transforming Lebanon’s favorite herb

From the olive to the oil

Ancient Lebanese crop makes its way into the 21st Century


The meta-economic value of education

LAU’s economic impact assessment may be flawed, but it raises the right questions