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November 2018

by Livia Bergmeijer


Illustration by: Ivan Debs


You can’t handle the truth


An evolved but incomplete ecosystem

Opportunites for new startups abound


Entrepreneurship and the digital economy in Lebanon

The shyness of a system

The biggest startup bankruptcy since Circular 331

A tragedy called Bookwitty

An interview with Bookwitty chief executive Cyril Hadji-Thomas

Resilience is when you don’t stay down
12 new Lebanese startups
A selection by Executive
Entrepreneurship and youth in lebanon
Teach them while they’re young
Social entrepreneurship in Lebanon
Mobilizing communities one cause at a time


The United States’ pursuit of Iran and Hezbollah

‘America First’ as risk to Lebanon and the Middle East
The curious case of Assad Barakat
Financial evil genius or scapegoat?
Interview with Ziad Hayek, HCP Secretary General
The future is data-driven

Interview with PCH head Rony Lahoud

Lebanon’s housing authority to restart subsidization scheme
A GCC perspective on shareholder activism
The impetus for change
Podcasts remain an untapped opportunity
Lebanon, lend us your ears

Blood donation in Lebanon

Giving a dam
Financial barriers stand in the way of breast cancer screening
When health comes at a cost
The case to end sexual orientation change efforts in Lebanon
First do no harm


Lebanese wineries in 2018

Reasons to toast
What now for Lebanese wine?
Innovate to capture the foreign market
Profiling new Lebanese wines
Cheers to the newborns