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Fashion retailing in Hamra

Fashion retailing in Hamra

Reading Time: 3 minutes The plethora of signs advertising ‘up to 70%’ discounts illustrates the sorry state of most clothing stores in Hamra. Gone are the rich tourists from the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Egypt with a desire to stock up on the latest fashions in the area’s crowded streets and alleyways. With the number of foreign visitors very

Wanted: risk takers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our financial system needs to wake up. Once the dynamic driver of our nation’s economy, it’s long slumbered at the wheel, abandoning industry and entrepreneurial activity in favor of cozy deals on government debt. The result? Stagnant industry, few exports, a huge current account deficit and a morbidly high brain drain as our young people

Feeling the heat

Reading Time: 6 minutes The sight was electrifying: a solar powered flying machine ascended into the desert morning in order to probe a new frontier for ecology and sustainability. Venturing far beyond the conventional concept of an airplane, Solar Impulse II is a science adventure to test and develop new practical technologies that can deal with the urgent, global

Our national malady

Reading Time: 2 minutes We need our heads checked. Honestly, I think we Lebanese are suffering from what can only be described as Stockholm Syndrome. Why is it that people are suddenly so in love with our ministers? What exactly is Wael Abou Faour doing? “He’s making sure our food is safe to eat and pushing through healthcare reforms,”

How to entice right

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the greatest challenges facing the Middle East is also one of the most underappreciated: how to attract and retain human capital. This is a real impediment to the strategic plans of some Middle East countries, particularly those in the GCC. They are making the transition away from resource based economies to knowledge based

(Un)happily ever after

Reading Time: 3 minutes All couples hope their marriages will work out and they will live happily ever after. But the truth is that many relationships end in divorce and Lebanese couples are no exception. According to a 2012 study by the Lebanese Central Administration of Statistics, there were almost 6,000 divorces in 2010. The issue for these couples

Ladies first

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lebanon still has people, right? While this may sound like a dumb question, it was the only thing running through my mind after a 90 minute meeting with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on February 23. We were talking about Lebanon’s economic opportunities, but the speaker had a singular focus: natural resources. He talked about oil.

Our small, dependent economy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lebanon is a small dependent economy, built on a quasi-complete consumerist system where we import more than 80 percent of our energy, food and most consumed products and services. The country also relies on financial inflows to finance its public debt and domestic consumption, with foreign inflows per year into the Lebanese economy reaching more

Riddle me this

Reading Time: 2 minutes For an entire month, our investigative reporters tried to answer a painfully simple question: is Lebanon using its fiber optic backbone for data traffic? The result — we still don’t know. It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! Even the minister might not know. Instead, there are people hiding something, and I

How to do an IPO

Reading Time: 3 minutes An initial public offering, or IPO, is a company’s first offering of its equity to public investors; its main objective is for the company to raise capital. It is generally an intensive process that requires a number of regulatory authorizations and processes that may be quite burdensome, as well as the necessity of obtaining professional