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Grow up

Grow up

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the rate of political assassinations slowing, life is returning to our city. The Lebanese have proved that they have little time for bad memories and even less interest in a propensity to save. We are big spending, short-termists who have learned to live for the moment, but with such a precarious lull in the

Basil Fuleihan 1963-2005

Reading Time: 2 minutes If former Premier Rafic Hariri provided the grand plans and vision for how he thought Lebanon could and should grow into a modern prosperous state, Basil Fuleihan injected the precision, the research, the experience and the knowledge to put those ideas into practice. Although most recently remembered as a deputy and former Minister of Economy

Watching the belly dancer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Never have the events that led to the civil war of 1975 been so clear. The subject that would ignite a Byzantine quarrel has been demystified by the events following the February 14 blast and put an end to the endless finger pointing. A vulgar assassination with a ton of explosives, a series of bomb

Lebanon – Policy left hanging

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ask many Lebanese what the summer season this year meant to them, and the answer you get will probably be different than the upbeat assessments of Lebanese officials. Final figures are not out yet, but we can certainly feel that this year was a special one. However, for those in Lebanon not on vacation, we

Lies disguised as security

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr. Best, Himmler’s right hand man in the Gestapo, once said, “As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.” That mindset allowed for 400 political murders in the Weimar Republic between 1923 and 1932. The ghost of our late prime minister confronts us with political murder at

A penny for your thoughts, Mr. Hariri

Reading Time: 2 minutes We may never know what was the ultimate goal in the grand plan that killed Hariri. He wanted to created a boutique nation into whose coffers would flow the riches of those who sought out its delights, but where his dream would have taken us, only he knew. What we do know is that Hariri

Me, myself and Iraq

Reading Time: 3 minutes A principal prop of liberal Western capitalist culture is individualism. The grand transformation of the European order came when people hitherto perceived mainly as components of larger social structures (often under the ultimate authority of a king endorsed by the Divine) slowly established secular systems where individuals played the defining role. The individual could now

Land of miracles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Never has the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit been so successful in confronting adversity. Not since the freewheeling days of the civil war has it risen to the challenge of leading the way in its journey from underdeveloped economy into emerging market and its role as the region’s creative hub, in a time of raging uncertainty, both

Mutton dressed as lamb

Reading Time: 2 minutes And so after much political tomfoolery and sleight of hand, Hariri is out and Karami is in. His first task was the creation of a cabinet that turned out to be comprised of vehement anti-government types, many of whom had given up on ever holding public office, and the usual pro-Syrian lackeys. And now that

Financially yours…

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ever since Christopher Columbus touched the Spanish royal family for some venture capital and discovered the new world, history has been littered with the achievements of those who were both bold enough to fight for their ideas and those who had enough faith to back them. In Lebanon, this entrepreneurial drive has been solely developed