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Health insurance in times of chronic diseases

Health insurance in times of chronic diseases

For all the good that numbers can do for explaining economic and social trajectories, statistics provide limited utility. This is exacerbated into rapidly decreasing utility when social and economic issues are of immense complexity and have divergent, contradictory, or confusing data points attached to them. Things get even worse when an issue extends beyond economic

A step toward transparency

After nearly a decade of preparation and debate, Lebanon’s Parliament finally ratified an access to information law in January. The country is consistently perceived as corrupt, according to global watchdog Transparency International, and Lebanon does not rate highly on the World Bank’s ease of doing business index. Enforcement of this new law might, over time,

The leaders of a leaderless movement

An awakened anger against the Lebanese government’s corruption and ineptitude has given birth to a growing country-wide popular movement. Young and old, rich and poor, political and apolitical, the movement has seen all sorts of people take part. But what these protesters do have in common is one very important thing: they are not coming