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Not for sale

Not for sale

Reading Time: 6 minutes They’re everywhere. Whether on the side column of that article you’re reading on your phone screen, on the billboards surrounding you on your morning commute or blaring out of your radios and TV screens. Advertisements are simply unavoidable. These promotional messages often fade into the background, save for the memorable ones with a creatively delivered

Seeking scale in difficult times

Reading Time: 4 minutes The times are not easy, concede advertising industry members Jihane Nasrallah and Hani Haddad. But whereas growth in the Lebanese advertising market has been elusive for about three years, and while Haddad’s agency had a rare year of seeing turnover drop in 2015, the two are joining forces in a merger. The merger process formally

Activating the creative gene

Reading Time: 6 minutes Early in 2016 was once again the perfect moment for a comparison check on the strength of the Lebanese advertising market: the Super Bowl. As the primary sports spectacle in the United States was celebrated on February 7 with national pride (anthem sung by Lady Gaga), superbly choreographed spectacle (halftime show with Coldplay, Bruno Mars

Battle for the ad dollar

Reading Time: 7 minutes Remember the one from Brooklyn-born designer Kenneth Cole? “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo,” he tweeted in early February 2011. True. Because they allegedly had heard about his fashion company’s “new spring collection”, the gifted marketer blared on. Triple ouch. Every year, there are some advertising campaigns that backfire badly. Most can be attributed to

Jean-Claude Boulos

Reading Time: 2 minutes As his first project, Jean-Claude Boulos put up a building for the first television station in the Middle East, Tele Liban. In his last, he ran a television station in Iraq. He established his own advertising company and led it to prominence.   Over a career spanning 54 years, Jean-Claude was a shaper of television

More public than relations

Reading Time: 4 minutes Public relations — or simply ‘PR’ — in the Middle East reminds one of New York’s Madison Avenue on Friday afternoon: a one-way artery pushing traffic north with no escape from the congestion.  Like traffic in Manhattan, PR in the Middle East is a choking congestion of information flows. Managed mainly from Dubai by a

Sibling rivalry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Each time the editorial calendar calls for coverage of the advertising industry, the same question pushes itself to my frontal lobe; it is not who, what, where, when, or even how that pains the mind but rather why journalists detest writing stories about advertising so instinctively and harbor such an intense dislike of the industry.

A revolution’s commercial openings

Reading Time: 5 minutes Following the global economic crisis, the Arab uprisings of last year have been felt like a body-shot combination in the solar plexus for the advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Though winded by the beating, the industry is still on its feet, and is exploring new opportunities the turmoil has created

The mechanics of creativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes A starving artist is a good artist. That romantic but ludicrous notion has been retired in the last century, but the view that harsh times bring more creativity in business may still ring true. The Middle East advertising industry, which has experienced a range of economic challenges since 2008, has started 2012 on quite humble

Complementary or contradictory

Reading Time: 3 minutes Public relations and advertising seem to have similar aims. As a result, there is a perception in the market that they compete with or replace one another — that one is better than the other or, worse, that they are somehow the same — that PR is advertising in sheep’s clothing or a cheap form