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Is design the winning ingredient in tackling Lebanon’s public sector restructuring?

Is design the winning ingredient in tackling Lebanon’s public sector restructuring?

Reading Time: 6 minutes At any meeting these days, from academic circles to business and banking conferences, one is likely to hear more than one allusion to Lebanon’s reform challenges. Much more. Whether it is the pesky theme of electricity or the issue of fiscal and structural reforms in the public sector, the big questions that matter today are

Traditional handicrafts in Lebanon

Reading Time: 6 minutes Carpets, cutlery, glass, soap, furniture—these traditional Lebanese crafts have a valued place in the country’s—and the region’s—history. Industrial development in the last half of the 20th century has, inevitably, affected Lebanon’s traditional artisans. One the one hand, it has driven demand down for artisanal crafts that are usually more expensive than mass-produced imports. On the

Design and gender identity in Lebanon

Reading Time: 7 minutes Design is an essential part of our lives and how we interact with our environments, and it changes with society, catering to shifting needs. Design can also be the agent for change, shaping the way we think about the concept of identity, in particular gender identity. Many people still use the terms sex and gender

Nurturing Lebanon’s design ecosystem

Reading Time: 6 minutes On March 28, Fashion Trust Arabia awarded Lebanese designers Krikor Jabotian, Roni Helou, Selim Azzam, and the Mukhi Sisters at a fashion event in Qatar—and the Lebanese rejoiced posting congratulations on social media. The Lebanese take pride in such success stories of local designers, and boast about a rich national history of creative enterprises. They