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Executive Design Challenge August 2015

by Executive Staff

Are you passionate about initiating real change? Do you have ideas but don’t know how to translate them into action? If yes, enter Executive Magazine’s human-centered design challenge to win the exclusive chance to turn your idea into a reality!


The #ExecutiveDesignChallenge is based around the principle of human-centered design. We want you to think of a problem that you are interested in and design a practical solution to it. The concept of human focus differentiates human-centered design from other conventional problem-solving techniques; if you understand the people at the center of an issue, the solution you create will be more effective. Essentially, we want you to design with purpose!

This challenge has three steps to it. Firstly, identify and outline a problem that is important to you. Secondly, come up with an innovative solution which is based around the principle of human-centered design. Finally, upload your solution onto our Facebook event page (see link below).


We have provided some guidelines to help clarify the process:

  1. Make sure you have the front cover of Executive’s August Issue and the provided sketch pencil ready to use for the design challenge.
  2. Think about a problem you wish to solve which is central to Lebanon and to human needs. This could be anything – from the rubbish collection crisis to the electricity shortage. Remember to place people at the center of your problem; what is it about these problems that affects people the most? How will they use the solution you provide for these problems? Some scrap paper might also come in handy for drafts or preliminary sketches, and drawings can be good conversation starters. Use the people around you to gain clearer answers, simply asking your family members or neighbors about what they think would be a good start!
  3. Design a possible solution to your chosen problem which uses Executive’s August issue front cover as a frame. This design solution could come in many different forms, including a drawing, a photograph, graphics, text, sculpture or even code! For example, if you design a sculpture prototype, you could take a photo of it and place it onto Executive’s front cover. Feel free to add extra sketches or text to help explain your solution if necessary. You may submit more than one entry.
  4. Once your design solution is on the front cover, upload it onto the Executive Design Challenge Facebook event page: bit.ly/executivedesignchallenge, accompanied by the hashtag “#ExecutiveDesignChallenge”.


Who can enter

The contest is open to Lebanese residents who are eighteen years of age or older at the time of entry. The organizer has the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant.


Selection of Winner

The number of “likes” each entry receives on Facebook will count for 50% of the final grade. A panel of judges chosen by Executive Magazine will be comprised of experienced design industry professionals whose decision will count for the remaining 50% of the final grade. All judges’ decisions are final and binding. The participant whose entry receives the highest score wins the competition.



The winner will be rewarded with a full-page spread of their design solution in one of Executive’s upcoming issues. Furthermore, the design solution will subsequently be turned into a more in-depth white paper to be presented to the relevant ministry concerned. Executive will do its utmost to promote the proposed solution with the aim of bringing about substantial, concrete change.

The winner will be announced in early September, 2015.


General rules

Deadline for submission is on the August 25, 2015. Entries uploaded past this date will not be considered.

By entering the contest, each entrant grants Executive Magazine the right to use all statements and designs submitted on its social media platforms or in any advertising without compensation or approval.


Thank you for taking part in Executive’s Design Challenge. Enjoy and good luck!


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