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The evolving role of ‘design’ in the world of today

The evolving role of ‘design’ in the world of today

For many years, the term ‘design’ in the world of business referred mainly to the aesthetics of a product. Today, ‘design’ has become a concept which represents much more than just a drawing; it has come to reflect the outline of the brand identity, which understands every aspect of a company and its interaction with

Design of the times

When you walk into a communications agency in Beirut, you know it. Dark wood paneling and bookshelves lined up with tomes in historic succession, a vault with a time lock on every floor, picture after picture of lovely high rises, or a garage-door-sized executive desk in mahogany. Think law office, bank headquarters, property developer, or

Sharing Lebanon’s artisanal treasures with the world

Challenging economic times have left Lebanon’s smaller manufacturers in a precarious situation, with few potential customers in the local market and a lack of government support beyond a few free zones and tax breaks for exports, meaning foreign markets are difficult to reach. Enter UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), which has launched a pilot

The evolution of ‘design’

Design is as old as humanity itself. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that it’s even older. Think Australopithecus with an iPhone. Ok, not an iPhone but a stone purposefully smashed with other stones to create a sharp edge (an iStone, if you will), and maybe not Australopithecus, depending on which school of pre-human taxonomy you

Executive Design Challenge August 2015

Are you passionate about initiating real change? Do you have ideas but don’t know how to translate them into action? If yes, enter Executive Magazine’s human-centered design challenge to win the exclusive chance to turn your idea into a reality!   The #ExecutiveDesignChallenge is based around the principle of human-centered design. We want you to