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Taking their time

Taking their time

Reading Time: 4 minutes Two years ago, in a real estate special report, Executive quoted a source saying that by 2014 there would be an abundance of empty apartments on the market. Today, “there are unsold apartments,” says Massaad Fares, CEO of Prime Consult. Getting more personal, Fares says that “slightly more than half” of his company’s mixed-use Sama

Namir Cortas, president of the Real Estate Developers Association of Lebanon

Tangled in a web of red tape

Reading Time: 4 minutes Executive sits down with Namir Cortas, a founder of Estates Property Development and Investment, as well as president of the recently-formed Real Estate Developers Association of Lebanon (REDAL), to talk taxes, regulation and corruption.   Why was REDAL created? We created an association that aims at pooling the major developers in an effort to better

Raouche rumor mill

Reading Time: 3 minutes This article is part of a continuing Executive investigation into public and private lands along Beirut’s western coast. For more stories in this series, click here. No one knows what — if anything — is coming.  Rumors about the fate of a peninsula next to Beirut’s iconic Pigeon Rocks abound, but little is known for

Lost in suburbia

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beirut’s eastern suburbs entail a broad social and economic mix, ranging from high-density residential areas dominated by aging apartment buildings, to the country’s most affluent areas in terms of average household incomes. In the coastal zone of suburbia stretching north of the capital, new commercial and residential hubs have formed in the past few years