Executive Magazine’s December issue

Dear Executive readers,

It is our honor to present to you our end-of-year issue. The year behind us has been tumultuous worldwide, and especially for Lebanon – a small country that has many times carried its weight throughout international and regional crises. The tri-tragedy of the pandemic, the port explosion, and the collapse of the economic system has revealed our brightest and strongest asset: ourselves. As a people, we have risen with grace and generosity in facing 2020. A spirit we feel confident will carry into 2021.

In this issue we take a bird’s eye view of 2020. It includes in-depth overviews of banking, energy, trade, and retail. The magazine also includes two special reports produced in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation: the first focuses on health care, and the impacts of Covid-19 and the port explosion; while the second focuses on entrepreneurship, covering the grim reality of the sector, but its potential to grow into a regional knowledge economy hub.

As a highlight, the issue features an updated version of the Economic Roadmap. It outlines urgent emergency measures for the near future as well as longer term needs in detailed strokes; measures Lebanon must take to place itself on solid economic, social, and political grounds for recovery.

With this, we wish you a very happy new year. May your year be blessed and full of wonder.

Executive Editors,

Lara Shabb is the managing editor of Executive Magazine.