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The jobsforlebanon initiative envisions a new labor paradigm for Lebanon

The jobsforlebanon initiative envisions a new labor paradigm for Lebanon

Reading Time: 7 minutes For those who are addicted to adrenaline rushes from springtime thrill rides, March 2020 may very well be as good as it can ever get. But only as far as the thrills of being exposed to the mother-of-all economic shocks. For the large rest of us, it is a world-engulfing nightmare. For the Lebanese, it

Q&A with the team behind jobsforlebanon

Reading Time: 11 minutes They want to bring jobs to jobs-starved Lebanon. They also want to do something that has been tried many times and rarely been crowned by success: mobilize direct investments into Lebanon from the country’s large global diaspora. Specifically, they want to seed job investments—work opportunities that can be located anywhere in the world, yet be

Lebanon’s economic crisis weighs heavy on F&B outlets and hotels

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Lebanon’s service-oriented economy, the hospitality and tourism sector is largely considered a beacon of strength. Its direct contribution to GDP by end of 2018 was 6.5 percent (according to the World Travel and Tourism Council) and it employs 150,000 people, the biggest employer after the public sector, per the tourism syndicates of Lebanon (the

Lebanon must move toward universal social protection

Reading Time: 6 minutes Decades of social and economic injustice were a driving factor in the social unrest that burst onto Lebanon’s streets in mid-October 2019, unfolding into a revolution. Lebanese had been pushed to breaking point by the effects of a longstanding economic malaise that has since worsened into a ongoing financial crisis with job losses, lowering of