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Educating the oil and gas generation

Educating the oil and gas generation

Reading Time: 4 minutes The emerging oil and gas industry in Lebanon may have hit a few speed bumps recently, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s universities from starting to think about the industry’s potential. Lebanon’s universities have always graduated students into the oil and gas professions but they are beginning to recognize the demand for specialized programs that

‘We are being open and transparent’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Gebran Bassil became Lebanon’s minister of energy and water in 2011. Since then, the country has made huge strides toward extracting its offshore oil and gas, but last month those bids suffered their first delays since international oil companies became involved. Executive sat down with him to discuss how he plans to get the bids

A looming shadow

Reading Time: 10 minutes Lebanese politicians are the least trustworthy in the world, or so its people think — in last month’s World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report the country scored 148th out of 148 in the ‘public trust in politicians’ category. The oil and gas industry is among the world’s most secretive, with Middle Eastern countries among the

LNG – Lebanese No Go?

Reading Time: 2 minutes One impact a serious delay to Lebanon’s oil and gas bids may have is to exacerbate a trend of the country falling behind its regional neighbors. In the early stages, something of a tug-of-war occurred between Israel and Lebanon, with both sides trying to attract Cyprus to establish a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant with

Dripping away

Reading Time: 7 minutes A “minor delay” is how he put it. In the weeks before the September 2 deadline for the Cabinet to meet and ensure the bidding process over the rights to extract Lebanon’s offshore oil and gas stayed on track, caretaker Minister of Energy and Water Gebran Bassil seemed increasingly incredulous that the country looked set