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The power of tourism

The power of tourism

Reading Time: 5 minutes Prior to 2012, it was a common sight to see wealthy tourists — mainly from the Gulf — and even some Lebanese shopping in Beirut’s luxury brand stores that dot the expansive streets of Downtown Beirut and the high-end sections of Lebanon’s malls. During the past five years however footfall in many of these international

Savoir Beds: Fit for a king

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alistair Hughes, owner of Savoir Beds, is explaining the role of the royal bed in late 17th century England, which was apparently more than just a construction to sleep in — it was a symbol of the monarchy.  “Charles II would travel around the country with a vast bed,” he says. “His friends would all

How big is the Lebanese luxury market?

Reading Time: 5 minutes International business consultancy groups pay great attention to developments in global wealth and luxury markets. As yet, however, the Eastern Mediterranean region has not been researched or measured against other luxury markets, and, presently, studies of the Middle East and North Africa focus on trends in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Given the widening divergence

Picking the right suit to be boss

Reading Time: 3 minutes A boss can silently let his fellow colleagues know how he gets business done. A bespoke suit along with a crisp dress shirt and pure silk tie is for those businessmen that run the company in a classic manner. The specific cut of their suit parallels the defined lines of the corporate structure. “Around 75 to

Not your grandpa’s TV

Reading Time: 3 minutes Television has come a long way since it was introduced to the masses in the 1930s. Originating with the humble black and white 15-inch screens encased in heavy wooden cabinets and producing grainy images, some of today’s TVs boast 85-inch screens, ultra slimness and images that compete with reality.  In 1936, only 200 televisions sets

Why we need luxury

Reading Time: 3 minutes In life and in luxury, everything is a matter of definition. Take the Chinese luxury market. While the core capitalist markets of North America and Europe have been the centers of conspicuous consumption in the past few years, Chinese shoppers in the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan constitute the main new demand engine for