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Finding scarcity

Finding scarcity

Executive visited with Naji Boutros, a Lebanese economic mind whose expertise and passion spans from investment banking and identification of opportunities in venture capital (VC) and private equity, to nurturing entrepreneurship in Lebanese agro-industry, viticulture, and hospitality.  You have been involved in a wide spectrum of local entrepreneurship in non tech-dependent ventures, which as you

Full interview with investment expert Romen Mathieu

In the context of Lebanon’s existential crisis, Executive inquired about the country’s new economic and social barriers – a mountain of problems formed around a nexus of poverty, unemployment, and colossal need for investment, that at first (and second) sight appear impossible to scale. In seeking to chart financial and economic pathways across this agglomeration

The untold story of the last 12 months

Lebanon is not a country by any easy definition. Whatever your preference in terminology, when talking about a community of people in terms of country or nation there are classic denominators involved that are either geographic, or social and cultural, but always framed as coherent and continuous. But Lebanon? Territorially, linguistically, historically, religiously, ethnically, even

The Knowledge Economy

When I was appointed Minister of State for Investments and Technology (MSIT) in February 2019, I was thrilled to champion the most promising and vibrant economic sector in Lebanon. Technology is often reduced to mean “iPhone” or “app”, but the term can also refer to a rocket, a vaccine, a driverless car or a smart

Politics and the labor market

I first came to Lebanon in the late 1990s to lead a development organization’s mission on labor and social protection. Since then, a lot has happened: in 2000, Israel pulled back from southern Lebanon to the international borderline; in 2005, prime minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated, and many others were murdered before and after him;


Executive Magazine is honored to present our readers with a special report on the issue of Lebanon’s labor market, job creation, and the policymaking and financing solutions needed to boost the domestic job market. What emerges in these pages is a mosaic of job preservation and creation opportunities, where even the smallest saved or newly

Q&A with Philippe Lazzarini

Human catastrophes are inextricably interconnected to each other through the basic sharing of suffering and human compassion. The Palestinian catastrophe in this sense can neither be ignored nor excised from the intensity of the Lebanese experience. To gain a perspective on the Palestinian dimension of the crisis in Lebanon, and on the magnitude of the