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The most dire of straits

The most dire of straits

The prospect of a war against Iran has been on the cards for decades. Since 2005, innumerable media reports have proclaimed that war is imminent, and this year will be the year it will happen. Think tanks, war strategists, risk consultancies and the various militaries have all compiled papers on how a conflict in the

Staying close to the nest

Lebanese abroad are often heard to say that they would return home if only they could find a job that satisfied their professional aspirations. Matching to two can be hard, especially in the limited market that Lebanon represents, but for those able to seize the opportunity, it is possible.    This option is exactly what

What makes a wage?

“Everything foreign ranks first,” is an old Lebanese proverb that seems befitting of the salary scales on offer in the country. In any conversation with a recruitment agent, human resources consultant, or even aspiring executive, the word ‘multinational’, or simply ‘ajnabiyeh’ — Arabic for “foreign” — will come up more often than not when attempting

Hoping to get hooked

After each global economic downturn or financial crisis, the Lebanese engage in a time-honored head count to see who has lost his or her place in their host country and who has not.  However, ‘head counts’ by Lebanese embassies in Gulf capitals showed that the expected reverse exodus of Lebanese expatriates during the financial crash

Time to pack and leave?

Even as the fabric that once held together the brokerage industry in the United Arab Emirates comes apart, the steps taken by the country’s stock exchanges and its regulator to stich together the rips are hardly moving the needle. Of the 110 brokers that existed on the market at the start of 2011, almost half

Q & A – Eric Bertrand

Stock exchanges in the Gulf Cooperation Council are still relatively young and have not reached the degree of sophistication of their Western peers. To discuss what GCC exchanges can do to evolve and what mistakes should be avoided, Executive sat down for a chat with Eric Bertrand, Principal Exchange Business Strategy Consultant for NYSE Euronext. 

Beleaguered brokers

The brokerage business in the United Arab Emirates is collapsing. Those brokers that survived 2011 know the cull will continue in the year ahead, and that their numbers will be even fewer come 2013. Both investors and brokers are crying out for crucial and well overdue reforms to address the parched equity markets. Regulators are

Anatomy of an ailing industry

Brokers in the United Arab Emirates are in serious trouble. Half of the industry went out of business in 2011 and more closures are expected in 2012 as volumes in UAE markets continue to shrink at an alarming rate.  The financial crisis, which shook the world in 2008 and brought to an end the golden

Total Home Experience One – Home-grown outfitting

Total Home Experience One, or THE One, operates 14 (going on 15) retail ‘theaters’ in the Gulf and Levant regions. Here, customers purchase feelings that reach them in the form of home furnishings.  In 1996, the company started from scratch as a United Arab Emirates-based furniture retailer, founded by entrepreneur Thomas Lundgren in partnership with