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Memac Ogilvy’s Edmond Mountran on Lebanese dominance

Memac Ogilvy’s Edmond Mountran on Lebanese dominance

One of the pioneers of the advertising industry in the Middle East, Edmond Moutran — commonly referred to as ‘Eddie’ — kicked off his career in Bahrain in early 1973 by joining Beirut-based advertising agency Intermarkets. Eleven years later he set up his own agency, which eventually became part of the British-based multinational ad agency

Why the Lebanese rule advertising

The game of advertising has a paramount survival rule: adaptation. Successful strategies and campaigns inject creativity into marketing messages that are tuned to the demands of clients and the psyches of their customers. Good marketing communications agencies sniff out trends just when they are about to bud and blow them up into big balloons of

Dreaming on the job

Dreaming at work must be a universal trait. Whatever culture, whatever age, there are tales and traces left behind by people who dream of something while they are at work.   See also: Full, interactive 2013 Great Places to Work in the UAE list   Some dreaming at work is catastrophic — inattention causing damage

Symbiosis at work

If anything can be said with accuracy and certainty about the corporation in this relatively young year, it is that the job of leading a company in 2013 is more demanding than it was in 2012. Decision makers every year are faced with an ever growing flow of information and increasing complexities in their markets