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Microsoft – Great at giving back

Microsoft – Great at giving back

Reading Time: 3 minutes As you have read the story to this comma, 33 characters have been captured and organized on imaginary paper by Microsoft Word, in the space of less than 10 seconds. Pausing for a minute to speculate how many ‘i’s have been dotted and ‘t’s have been crossed in the same 10 seconds globally on how

Merck Serono – The right medicine for the job

Reading Time: 3 minutes Merck Serono is a biopharmaceutical manufacturer ba-sed in Geneva, Switzerland. Its parent company, German firm Merck KgaA (Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien, a part privately held and part publicly traded company) is not just any pharmaceutical firm. With roots dating to the 17th century in the city of Darmstadt, capital of what was then a political entity

Employers par Excellence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone deserves a good job. Thus, a challenge is afoot in corporate Arabia and it mandates companies to improve from within: to become a great workplace. For the second time ever, ten companies in the United Arab Emirates are being recognized as the Top Companies to Work For in the UAE.  The list of these

EMC Corporation – Best workplace in the Cloud

Reading Time: 3 minutes Being cryptic and brief was quite common when naming startup companies in the United States 30 or 40 years ago. When two American engineers created a venture for production of computer memory boards in 1979, they combined their initials and a third letter into EMC Corporation, garnished it with a visual reference to Einstein’s relativity

Bayt.com – From the website to the workplace

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rooted with one leg in technology and with one leg in services, Bayt.com stands with a well-established reputation as a leading authority in the region on all questions related to jobs. The company’s core activity is the provision of an internet-based marketplace connecting global job seekers and Middle East-based employers. The company has also leveraged