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Riad Salameh

The people, not warlords, should choose the president

The people, not warlords, should choose the president

Reading Time: 2 minutes Driving around Beirut last month, older Lebanese could have been forgiven for feeling a little nostalgic. Across the city, hundreds of cheaply produced posters of former President Fouad Chehab appeared, each encouraging him to return to the top job this month. This seems unlikely, since Chehab died in 1973, but it is worth remembering a

Riad Salameh and the Lebanese flag

The right choice for president

Reading Time: 4 minutes Across all types of societies and political systems, the objective of choosing a leader is to designate the best person for the job out of a pool of eligible candidates. This pool can be as small as a family or as large as a country, while the selection process can be broad or extremely narrow.

Chart: Net effect of presidential contenders on economy

A president for Lebanon’s economy

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Lebanon’s politicians continue to horse-trade behind closed doors over the country’s next president, it is worth considering the views of perhaps the most regularly forgotten set of people in the country — its citizens. Executive, together with polling agency Ipsos, carried out a survey of 1501 citizens from across the country on whom they

Eight presidential contenders

The contenders

Reading Time: 9 minutes Executive has short-listed eight potential contenders most likely to be considered for Lebanon’s highest office. As there is no formal process by which candidates are nominated, predicting who will throw in their hat is largely a guessing game. Unwritten agreements and historical precedent narrow the options to a male Maronite. Our consideration focuses on economic

Ziad Baroud is a former Lebanese minister

Ziyad Baroud — a candidate in waiting?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is almost three years since Ziyad Baroud stepped down from his post as Lebanon’s minister of interior, yet he remains firmly in the public eye. The broad appeal which he cultivated as a hard-working and conscientious minister has not dissipated, while his central role in drafting the recently launched decentralization plan has kept him close to

A beginner’s guide to Lebanon’s presidential election

Reading Time: 6 minutes The window is open. As evident from the increased political posturing and daily media coverage, the race to replace President Michel Sleiman has begun. In just under two months, Lebanon will – barring exceptional circumstances – see a new face swear the presidential oath, assume the presidential duties, and occupy the Presidential Palace at Baabda.