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Beiteddine Festival

Plans for this summer’s festivals

Plans for this summer’s festivals

Reading Time: 4 minutes “We have a cultural role to play; the festival is a form of cultural and touristic resistance which says that the country is still here,” says Hala Chahine, director of Beiteddine Art Festival. Lately, the country’s music festivals have had many challenges to resist, yet, much like Lebanon itself, they are taking the hits but

Joummana Salame, managing director at Hospitality Services sarl

Hope for Lebanon’s hospitality sector

Reading Time: 5 minutes Shortly after the 21st edition of HORECA, Lebanon’s largest food and beverage conference, Executive sat down with Joummana Dammous Salame, Managing Director at Hospitality Services sarl to discuss HORECA, the hospitality sector over the past three years and upcoming trends.    Could you briefly describe the highlights and major events of HORECA 2014? It was a beautiful

Some tourism projects are on hold waiting for better days.

Masters of crisis management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Lebanon’s hospitality and tourism industry is in crisis management mode when it comes to dealing with its finances. As the number of tourists visiting the country has steadily declined, down 8.7 percent in January and 17.8 percent in February compared to the first two months of 2013, companies in the sector are running out of

Lebanese nightlife growing abroad. Pixabay | Geoff Gill

Exporting Lebanese nightlife

Reading Time: 6 minutes As conditions for the hospitality sector in Lebanon remain stagnant, more and more entrepreneurs in the field are exporting their concepts to greener pastures abroad. While successful restaurant concepts have been expanding to the Gulf and Europe for the past decade, mostly serving the Lebanese community there, these past few years have seen nightlife venues

Roy's bar in Badaro

Reviving Badaro

Reading Time: 6 minutes Strolling through the rather quiet streets of Badaro on any given afternoon, it is hard to imagine that the area was once a buzzing Beirut neighborhood with more than 12 pubs, clubs and restaurants in just one street. Even harder to imagine is that this calm, residential neighborhood is expected to regain this status within

Minister of Tourism Michel Pharaon

Have a little faith

Reading Time: 6 minutes Michel Pharaon, a veteran of Lebanese politics, first served as minister of state in 2000. The March 14 politician may not have been hoping for the tourism portfolio, but since his appointment in February he has shown enthusiasm for boosting the sector. Executive sat with him to discuss expectations for the summer, tax breaks and

Tourism in Baalbeck may increase after new security measures

Fix it and they will come

Reading Time: 2 minutes The received wisdom goes something like this: Tourism is a mainstay of the Lebanese economy, and the country, rich in history, climate and culture, could attract even more tourists if the stars aligned properly. More tourists would equal more cash inflows, which in turn could help an insolvent government while enriching the average Lebanese person.

Beirut at night

The ghosts of seasons yet to come

Reading Time: 7 minutes The first quarter of 2014 saw tourist arrivals contract by 16.5 percent year on year, to 229,000 visitors. The Ministry of Tourism is preparing a shoe-string campaign to reassure Gulf travelers from this month on that Lebanon is safe for them. Is this news? In a factual sense, yes, but with zero surprise factor. The

Lebanese tourism has suffered badly in recent years

Tourism minister: Lebanon travel ban ‘unofficially’ lifted

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lebanon’s tourism minister believes the country may be able to convince Gulf and European states to formerly lift travel bans on their citizens visiting. Michel Pharaon said that while states were not yet ready to formally lift the bans, which have had a crippling effect on Lebanon’s tourism industry, they were privately accepting that the

A good travel app can make a holiday

Travel Apps: Potential to take flight

Reading Time: 3 minutes There I stood, lost in translation in the middle of Moscow. All the signs were in Russian and none of the locals out and about on the streets spoke English. It was time to call out the big guns. I whipped out my smartphone. My trusty holiday apps were ready and waiting: Google Maps, Foursquare,