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The business of recycling

The business of recycling

Earlier this year, for-profit Contra International faced a problem with a decidedly not profitable recycling initiative it operates in Lebanon. The company was doing a residential door-to-door pick up of paper, cardboard, aluminum and all types of plastics, losing money in the process. Residential pickups were not in the company’s plans when it started its

The world of waste

Imagine following your trash. On Twitter. “Hello, this is container 100406100067629 in Le Roy, USA. I am 20% full.” You’ve heard of smartphones and smart homes. Meet smart trash. Or, to be less anthropomorphic, web savvy systems for efficiently collecting household waste. The trash bin Twitter feed comes to us from Enevo, a Finnish startup

Waste [mis]management

If there was a prize for bungling the award of state contracts, Lebanon’s solid waste management tender would win hands down. Lack of bidder interest pushed the round’s closure date back several times. Lack of information on waste in different proposed service areas delayed the announcement of winners. And lack of understanding of the expense