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Wine harvesting in Lebanon

Wine harvesting in Lebanon

Reading Time: < 1 minute Executive followed workers at Château Kefraya on August 22 busy harvesting grapes for the winery’s yearly white wine production. While Kefraya has so far been spared, bad weather has affected harvests at other wineries in Lebanon. One of the worst hit was Domaine de Baal, which experienced heavy hailstorms on September 15 that ruined more than 50

The long and winey road

Reading Time: 16 minutes Summer 2015 saw a new trend emerge among Lebanese people’s weekend plans: instead of the traditional beach club or lunch at a Lebanese restaurant on a trip to the mountains, more and more people were opting to spend a day discovering a new winery followed by a leisurely lunch on the premises. Enotourism is defined

New wine producing countries are making inroads

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Eastern Mediterranean is on the move. Greece may be on the ropes economically but its wines have never been more popular, with its indigenous Assyrtiko grape, grown mainly on the island of Santorini, the current darling among informed consumers. Turkey, for so long a country with a dubious reputation in terms of wine quality,