Special report  February - March, 2022

While the world has made, however slow, progress towards workplace equality and affirmations of women’s rights in societies, the Middle East and North Africa region is a documented laggard in the global drive to heighten female participation in the rewards of labor and economic performances. This ethical deficiency from the perspective of economic justice is made more conspicuous by two universal facts: firstly, workplace diversity and inclusion can add decisive momentum to enterprises in the real economies of nations, and secondly, inclusion, diversity, and compliance with highest social, environmental and governance standards are becoming crucial for access to finance and investments.

In our gender equity report, Executive takes stock of the benefits that women bring to the Lebanese economy, the importance of female employment and women-led entrepreneurship for the recovery, the need to remove barriers to equal participation of women in management of family businesses, and the roles of impact investing and inclusive, women-led business organizations and lobby groups.