Executive Magazine, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded  Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED), has released the Media Development Action Plan, a three-part report which delves into Lebanon’s media industry.

Based on a 58-question survey and one-on-one discussions with 30 professional media enterprises, the project first identifies the challenges facing local outlets, and then lists key recommendations needed for the industry to flourish once again, and align with international industry best practices. 

For years, Lebanon’s news organizations enjoyed a journalistic and creative freedom which distinguished it from other regional players. But over time, the landscape’s development was stunted by a growing presence of politically affiliated media companies. More recently, the fallout of the economic crisis has left the industry struggling to maintain value, retain staff, or focus on forward-thinking digital solutions.
At Executive, we have been dedicated to Lebanon’s economic democracy throughout our 24-year existence. Not only that, but as an integral part of the country’s media industry, we stand as a highly committed stakeholder in the development of journalistic excellence in both a local and regional setting. As we turn the spotlight onto the media industry through this project, Executive Magazine also endeavors to swivel the light inwards, and take a look at our own role as a publication.

In that context, Executive felt compelled to produce the Media Gap Report; documenting the inner workings of Lebanon’s media industry, presented against international media industry best practices. The second part of the project, the Recommendations Report, transforms the gaps in the industry into workable solutions.


The Media Development Action Plan was developed with the aim of improving industry practices within Lebanon’s media sector, and to align businesses closer to international standards. The first report identifies news corporation structures within the local context, and dissects typical practices. The Recommendations report lists solutions to boost the success of Lebanon’s media sector, alongside cooperation with local and international stakeholders.


Moderator: Thomas Schellen
Experts: Ms. Alia Ibrahim; Mr. Ahmad Salman

Leveraging the abilities of Lebanon-based media in the digital age is a great regional opportunity for news organizations.

Following on from the media action plan project, Executive sits with Alia Ibrahim, the co-founder and CEO of Daraj, and Ahmad Salman, general manager of As-safir Newspaper, to discuss the potential for growth within Lebanese media.

The findings of the Media Action Plan were presented on the 21 June 2022 at Gefinor Rotana-Beirut with journalists and media organizations in attendance.