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Making an exhibition

Making an exhibition

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hospitality Services, an event management and publications company, was launched in 1993 by Nouhad Dammous and his daughter Joumana Salame. The company’s first event was HORECA, a trade exhibition for professionals in the hospitality sector. Hospitality Services, which today has a team of 30 employees, created a trade publication, Hospitality News, a few years after

The Upscale Experience

Reading Time: 6 minutes It seems Lebanese restaurateurs will be forever enamored with downtown Beirut, despite the roller coaster ride the area has put them through. It all started in the 1950s when the Burj area was buzzing with fashionable people and restaurants, only to be destroyed by the Civil War. Following the reconstruction of Downtown in the early 2000s,

Burning the fat

Reading Time: 12 minutes The commercial fitness industry in Lebanon is witnessing a growth both in the number of gyms and in the variety of fitness options inspired by global trends. Executive profiled four different gyms to learn more about their unique business strategies and their take on the Lebanese market. 180 Degrees fitness and spa Spread over 4,000

Fitness on an incline

Reading Time: 6 minutes Over a decade ago, gyms or fitness centers in Lebanon evoked images of steroid pumped men grunting loudly while lifting heavy weights, or leotard clad women enjoying aerobics classes led by smiley and energetic trainers with questionable training abilities. The Lebanese fitness industry has since grown significantly, inspired by global trends of wellness and healthy

50 shades of hotel Le Gray

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you sit down at a sidewalk table of Gordon’s Café in downtown Beirut on a balmy late September afternoon, you can sip your espresso or pot of Sencha (green tea) in the middle of the city, nestled between the restored historic Beirut Municipality building, and the nation’s symbol-laden Martyr’s Square, with a view of

Beirut restaurants adapt for Ramadan

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ramadan and the Hospitality Industry The holy month of Ramadan has a significant economic impact on the hospitality industry, in terms of both hotels as well as food and beverages (F&B) venues. This impact can be either positive or negative, with some venues seeing an increase in footfall and others a sharp decrease. Executive sat

It’s vacation time!

Reading Time: 8 minutes The summer season, when schools are off for two months and productivity at work slows down, is usually seen as the best time to leave one’s home country for a well-deserved break and discover new cities around the globe. Whether booked independently through airline search engines or planned as an all-inclusive package through travel agencies,