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If the price is right…

If the price is right…

Along with the reform of capital markets and the strengthening of judicial independence, the modernization of public procurement is on top of Lebanon’s reform agenda and a major condition to unlock international assistance. Public procurement is a fundamental economic activity for public authorities at both the central and the local levels, as it encourages the

Crime and punishment

Not much is known about Captagon prevalence in Lebanon. Anecdotal testimony regarding court cases and rehabilitation treatments suggest that use is low but rising. The prevailing explanation for this is that there is a leakage of pills into the drug-using community as more Captagon is produced in the country and trafficked through it, but there

Exploration on hold

This article was written in May for the June edition of Executive Magazine. The third well drilled in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) failed to reveal commercially exploitable natural gas reserves. Italian multinational Eni’s Saipem 1000 drillship drilled to a depth of 5,485 meters in Amathusa, in Block 9, without yielding positive results. This is