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Prying open privacy

Prying open privacy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Financial wherewithal was not a quality Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran naturally inherited; his father was a gambling addict who was imprisoned for embezzlement. But given his penchant for priceless wisdom, perhaps the Lebanese banking system would be sage to heed of one of Gibran’s most famous sayings: “If you reveal your secrets to the wind

A rush to power

Reading Time: 7 minutes If the many announcements coming out of the energy ministry last month translate into reality then the country’s electricity sector is on the verge of major change. In a few short days the government announced the start date for the increasing of the country’s energy capacity, the winners of a number of crucial contracts and

Culling the small fish

Reading Time: 5 minutes As you walk into Hissam Exchange in Hamra the first thing you see is the frame on the wall. Encased behind the glass is a certificate declaring that the business is permitted to trade currencies by the Lebanese government. The family company has been operating in Beirut for nearly a decade, but the room is