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Settling out of court

Settling out of court

The development of an efficient, modern and systematic arbitration process is arguably a central tenet that accompanies a country’s economic development and progress. Among other marks of quality, growth-oriented countries and specifically financial centres that wish to remain at the front line of innovation are today measured by their ability to ensure that their international

Iraq still finding its footing

Iraq is currently undergoing extensive transformation in its economic and legal sectors and relevant institutions. Arguably, the foundation of Iraqi restoration is based on two fundamental pillars which to date have not materialized: The first is political stability and the second is the introduction of a solid and harmonic legal framework supporting the vital sectors

Executive insight – Standard Chartered

  The Islamic finance market is currently undergoing structural transformation. Arguably, the most significant legislative development in 2010 for the industry was the publication of the Sharia-compliant Tahawwut (hedging) Master Agreement (TMA). The TMA is the first standardized cross-jurisdictional document of its kind for privately negotiated Islamic hedging products. It has been developed by the