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Death from above

The human cost of airstrikes on Aleppo

by Sam Tarling

Everywhere we go there is fighting and shelling. where can we go?… the street is not safe, the house is not safe. nowhere is safe.” a refugee from homes, now in aleppo, finds herself back in danger as government forces hit back at rebel advances into the city, pounding neighborhoods with artillery, rockets, planes and helicopters. circling above the city with impunity, the air force is unleashing some of the most devastating firepower seen so far in Syria’s increasingly bloody civil war.

Insert: A man surveys the result of an airstrike in the neighborhood of Tariq Al Bab

  1. On a bad day, the sheer volume of casualties causes hospitals to run out of space for the dead. Here, the body of a civilian who was killed by a sniper is left on the floor as doctors treat the wounded patients at the Dar Al Shifa hospital in the Tariq Al Bab neighborhood of Aleppo

2. Residents load the body of a woman killed in an airstrike into a van as a government warplane circles overhead. In the background Free Syrian Army fighters fire futilely at the aircraft


3. The body of a child is carried from the rubble of a destroyed building after an aerial bombardment in Aleppo’s Hayderieh neighborhood


4. A man reacts after returning to the site where his aunt, his uncle and five nieces and nephews died when six houses were destroyed by an airstrike


5. Smoke rises asa a rocket explodes on the eastern outskirts of Aleppo


6. Bakeries, which attract large crowds of customers due to a shortage of bread, have been targeted by air strikes numerous times


7. A Syrian air force jet drops a bomb on Aleppo. Moving with impunity, the jets can strike the city, at any time, with devastating effects


8. Vegetables are still for sale but cost four to five times more than last season’s prices


9. A boy walks among the rubble of six ruined houses after a single bomb, possibly a barrel packed full of explosives, was dropped on the neighborhood of Tariq al Bab. Eleven were killed, seven were from the same family


10. Men search through the rubble on the fourth floor of a five-storey apartment building that was hit by an airstrike in the neighborhood of Tariq Al Bab

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Sam Tarling

Sam Tarling was Executive's photographer from 2010 until January 2014. During that period he covered conflicts across the Middle East.

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