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by Benjamin Redd


Journalism: Executive is a monthly business magazine that offers its readers in-depth and forward thinking analysis, solid reporting and punchy opinion on Middle East commerce, economy and finance as well as regular industry surveys, regional market data, global economic trends and the latest in science, technology and the arts.

Passion: Since its launch in 1998, Executive’s passion for business, its inside access and uncanny foresight has earned it the highest plaudits in Lebanon, where its readers choose it for its unbiased editorial line and comprehensive analysis. Now Executive is taking its style of journalism to the region.

Region: From Morocco to Iraq, Executive now has a solid network of the best business and economic analysts, experts, and reporters to provide what is arguably the most authoritative business writing in the Middle East.

Readers: Executive’s readers are corporate, affluent and influential. They are decision makers who operate at the highest level and are remunerated accordingly. These businessmen enjoy the lifestyle that their achievements afford them and naturally, they are the target market for automotive, corporate, financial and luxury goods advertisers. In other words, they can afford, and expect, the best. That’s why they choose Executive.

Special Reports: With its special reports and surveys, Executive offers advertisers the opportunity to maximize their exposure sections that are focused on specific industries and economies. These are produced with the intention that they will be kept for future reference, increase newsstand sales and win over new subscribers. Similarly, Executive places similar stock in its annual Facts and Forecasts, an edition that remains on the newsstands for 12 months.

Executive Vacancies: Targeting professionals, who are always looking for better opportunities, Executive vacancies offers recruitment opportunities for regional and global employers seeking blue-chip, middle and upper management candidates. This section has proved to be one of Executive’s most enduring and most-read.

Magazine Description: Format — Saddle stitching (sometimes Perfect Binding); Number of Pages — Variable; Paper Inside — 90 grams; Finishing Cover — 150 grams; Finishing Cover — 250 grams Cellophane Matt (Facts & Forecasts)



Executive has a steadily growing list of boardroom and senior management subscribers as well as analysts and other decision makers, all of whom contribute to the growth of this dynamic region.

Distribution: Available in the entire MENA region. Executive is also distributed by direct mail to business readers from the private and public sector including government ministries, embassies, and trade associations. Our distribution points include newsstands, major hotels, airlines and universities.