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Privacy policy

by Benjamin Redd

At Executive Magazine, we take your privacy seriously — here’s how we collect, use and protect your data.



We use cookies to make your web experience faster and better. Cookies from our site are managed by the industry-standard Wordpress software. We do not use cookies beyond this implementation.


Google Analytics

We also make use of Google Analytics to gain insights into what our readers like and which articles are popular. This information also allows us to price online advertisements appropriately. We do not use this tool beyond Google’s standard implementation, and all data is stored on Google’s servers.


Comments & user-submitted data

Executive is committed to open and honest debate and discussion. To this end, we allow comment submission on many of our articles. If the comment is approved for publication, it will appear on the appropriate article’s page; if it is not, it will be deleted from our servers.

To keep debate focused and inappropriate comments to a minimum, we require some personal information to be submitted with each comment. This information is for comment tracking and, if necessary, communication from our editors for clarifications. It will never be used for marketing purposes, nor will we transfer any personal data to third parties.

To make commenting an easier affair, we allow users to create profiles with minimal information; the information in these profiles will only be used for the same purposes as that required for commenting. Any user can delete their profile from our servers at any time, although we reserve the right to keep the content of comments published under anonymous authorship.

User-submitted data is protected by multiple layers of security on our servers.