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by RabihIbrahim

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Lebanon is a prime country for anchoring qualified and well-informed voices of public discourse throughout the Middle East. However, quality journalism in this country is currently under enormous economic pressure that we, as Executive Magazine, are determined to withstand through ensuring our continued quality media presence, concentrating our efforts on producing reports filed with a careful balance of reporting, analysis, and advocacy for the Lebanon we want and seeking to engage in concept, research, and partnerships with institutions that want to improve the state of Lebanon under a long-term perspective.

Cognizant of the need for empowered and authoritative journalism we propose a series of special coverage focuses and comprehensive reports tackling pertinent and timely topics that address pressing socioeconomic issues and challenges like corruption, health, energy, water, pollution, labor and education to be published throughout this year in line with the agenda priorities of our Economic Roadmap 5.0.

Each report is thoroughly researched and filed with a careful balance of reporting, analysis, and advocacy for the Lebanon we want.

Your grant will support progressive efforts that will allow to pass this crucial junction and enable:

  • Shed light on our nation’s most important issues and uncover hidden economic agendas
  • Show alternatives to entrenched bad business patterns, expose economic policy deficiencies
    and promote constructive approaches and solutions
  • Train journalists to be versed in analytical writing and high-quality business journalism
  • Provide young journalists with necessary resources and technical assistance to put at their disposal
  • Organize dialog and economic policy meetings with civil society
  • Keep the political economy theme on the agenda of public discourse and Influence
    the economic policy discussion

At this turning point your support of independent media is crucial to achieving common goals and ambitions for Lebanon. You can either choose to sponsor a report scheduled for publication or you can make a donation in any amount that is right for you. To explore options for supporting a report contact our grants department.

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Special reports calendar 2022

  • Financial Economy Special Report– December /January

The report will cover the key aspects of the current Lebanese economic, currency, and banking crisis, focusing on the blind spots that are missed by the government, policy makers, stakeholders, and civil society. It will tackle negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the management of public debt. It will take a solutions-oriented approach with the intent of discussing a fiscal plan and a macro-level rescue scheme to save the banking system and the Lebanese pound.

  • Economic programs for Lebanon and the role of State-Owned Enterprises Special Report – March, April, May

The report will examine the pillars of the economic rescue plan and its coherence with the 2022 state budget. It will reevaluate the plans for banking restructuring, exchange rate management, fiscal reforms and debt management. In the context Executive will further assess the situation of state owned and affiliated enterprises such as Middle East Airlines, Regie des tabacs et tombacs, Casino du Liban, MIC 1 and MIC 2 (mobile telephony networks), and others with regard to their invest ability and readiness for privatization.

  • Gender equity Special Report – February, March

The report covers the state of gender equity in entrepreneurship and small enterprises, looks at barriers against gender equality in the succession and management of family businesses, reviews the progress of academically and internationally rooted female inclusion initiatives and advocacy in the economic sphere.

  • Telecommunications and Information Technology February Special Report– March

The report will address the issue of economic and social viability of existing communication provision by landline and mobile operators; the state of the telecommunications infrastructure and development initiatives such as 5G, the performance of the ICT sector since the start of the 2019 crisis with focuses on software companies, outsourcing, cloud services, and Lebanon as remote working destination.

  • Tourism and hospitality Special Report – June

The report will cover the economic situation of the hotel and hospitality operators, plans for the summer season, environmental aspects of tourism planning, the experience of rural operators in the years of 2020 and 2021 and the readiness of rural operators to serve tourists. With respect to both overall tourism sector and specific subsectors such as rural, wine, and beach tourism, the report can be augmented with one or several stories that address issues of environmental compatibility and responsibility of the sector overall and subsectors, such as coastal and maritime tourism in Lebanon in the context of the “Blue Tourism” lens. Special attention will be given to the job creation and remuneration situation in seasonal and precarious hospitality sector employment.

  • Media Industry Action Plan Special Report – June, July

The purpose of the action plan project is to identify corporate challenges that media outlets are facing and recommend alternative solutions that will enable a business environment that will allow them to acquire much needed capacities and skills, hence, develop strategies that are aligned with international industry best practices. With a regained sustainability, we also hope to achieve an improvement of journalistic coverage by Lebanon-based reporting, analytical, investigative, and advocacy driven media organizations.

  • Crypto and Cyber Special Report – August

The report will include analyses and assessments of the current readiness of cyber defenses, the role of bitcoin and stable coins in the Lebanese crisis context, the possibility of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the near and mid-term, the current legislative and market realities, the role of online applications that have been used to inform or manipulate the exchange rate of the parallel LBP market, and the economic viability and prospects of virtual “metaverses” and NFT trade.

  • Banking and Finance Special Report – September

Focus of the report will be the ability of banks, insurers and financial intermediaries to meet economic needs and meet client demands, their response to or eventual experiences with the government’s financial rescue plan, the progress of banking restructuring, and any achievements in dealing with the challenge of rebuilding trust with households and corporate clients.

  • Entrepreneurship Special Report plus bilateral trade relations stories – November

The entrepreneurship special report will investigate the development of tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in 2022, startup companies’ access to finance and the behavior of venture funds, interconnections with regional entrepreneurship ecosystems. The report will review the situation of ecommerce platforms and co-working spaces and will include profiles of recent startup ventures in booming sectors.
Throughout investigation and production of the October-November issue of Executive, there will be a focal opportunity to insert comment pieces that are dedicated to bi-lateral trade relations, alignment of entrepreneurship infrastructures, and foreign direct investments.

  • Infrastructure, Utilities and Mobility Special Report – October

The report will examine the need and viability of infrastructure investments in general and into hard infrastructures (roads, waste, water, and electricity) under the provisions of the CEDRE plans and commitments. The report will include an update on the renewable energy sector. Special attention will be directed to the state of public transportation, including the viability of informal operators and livelihoods of drivers in the public transportation realm, the plans for a formal busing infrastructure in Beirut and outside of the capital, and the traffic safety situation. A special subsection on waste management will offer coverage of the most prudent and viable options for addressing Lebanon’s long-standing collection, treatment, and reuse/recycle needs.

  • End of year review of social issues and public sector developments Special Report and Economic Roadmap – December

The end of year issue will comprise the updated Executive Economic Roadmap (draft 6.0) and review the failures and achievements in the areas of social and public goods, namely poverty alleviation, employment creation, social safety nets, healthcare and education, sustenance of basic needs, and financial and economic inclusion.

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