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Mall vision

Mall vision

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new day, a new dawn. From the wind swept sands, a new legend rises,” read the introductory text on one website I came across last week. It was intriguing. Would this dramatic passage go on to describe a particularly heroic chapter in world history? Was it the deadpan voiceover for the trailer of a

Roads to nowhere

Reading Time: 3 minutes DUBAI: “First Salik violator spotted,” read a prominent headline on one Gulf daily last month. It led into a description of how a renegade Nissan Altima driver had been caught on CCTV crossing one of Dubai’s new toll gates without the requisite badge, just minutes after the system came online at midnight on July 1.

Gulf airlines: Ego-trips or essential?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is an industry, aviation has always attracted the wealthy.Tycoons rarely resist the chance to have their own airline,as Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis or Richard Branson areenough to prove, whilst virtually every country in the worldproudly flies a national flag carrier, even if it makes aloss in doing so. Little surprise, then, to observe the billions

Hop on board the sole train

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. When former winemaker Mario Polegato came up with the concept of a breathable sole whilst walking in the Nevada desert, he hardly imagined that within a decade he would become one of the biggest shoemakers in the world. Now, guided by a messianic vision of forever eradicating sweaty

Living the high life

Reading Time: 3 minutes The journey and not the arrival matters”, said the English poet T.S. Eliot, who would have turned in his grave at the sight of most modern travel. Gone are his early twentieth-century rail odysseys aboard the Orient Express, complete with gourmet cuisine, bow-tied porters and more excess baggage than a triple divorcee with seven kids