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It is all possible

It is all possible

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beirut, December 2026. For the second year in a row, the number of tourists visiting Lebanon has topped 3 million. They are lured by the country’s historical sites, great food and social scene, as well as by their curiosity to experience the multicultural milieu that makes Lebanon such a unique place, not only for the

Time to act

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lebanon has been severely affected by the Syrian crisis that erupted in early 2011. The signs are evident everywhere, starting from a massive refugee presence, which is now more than one quarter of the population and outstrips the ratio of refugees-to-population in any other country inside and outside the region. But while refugees are fleeing

From resilience to inaction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lebanon’s history has not been short of challenges. The modern Lebanese state is less than a century old, yet it has endured unique experiences unknown to other nations over a much longer history — a 15 year civil war, foreign invasions, sociopolitical and security unrest and, most recently, a major inflow of refugees. Lebanon has