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The surge of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon

The surge of COVID-19 cases in Lebanon

Reading Time: 7 minutes The article below was written two days before the massive explosion that occured at the Beirut Port on Tuesday, August 4, just after 6 p.m, killing at least 154 people and injuring over 5,000. Its author, Dr. Lilian Ghandour, is thankfully safe, as is all the Executive team. The damage to some of our homes

Testing for COVID-19 in Lebanon

Reading Time: 6 minutes This pandemic has been described as the defining global health crisis of our time. The novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of a deadly respiratory disease called COVID-19, currently affecting all continents, except Antarctica. Worldwide, at the time of writing, the virus has infected more than 5 million individuals and resulted in more than